Raw Data, First-Person Virtual Reality Shooter, Released on Steam

Raw Data pic
Raw Data
Image: pcgamesn.com

Fabian Samuel is the co-founder of Bangalore, India’s League of Extraordinary Gamers, a PC and console gaming center. Fabian Samuel is also a gamer, himself, with a particular interest in PC gaming. With the advent of virtual reality headsets, first-person shooter (FPS) games are becoming some of the first to adopt the technology. Raw Data is a new FPS title that takes full advantage of VR technology to immerse players in the game’s world.

Released on the Steam gaming platform by developer Survios Studios, Raw Data takes advantage of the HTC Vive headset and motion controllers. Where traditional FPS games use a mouse or controller to move and look around, Raw Data instead uses real world movements, like turning your head and walking, to control your character.

Unlike many other early VR games available now, Raw Data includes a co-op multiplayer mode. Linking through Steam, two players can team up to take on the game’s campaign. Both can work together to fight off the game’s enemies, or one can fight while the other collects data crucial to the game’s story.

Available for purchase on Steam, Raw Data has an overall review rating of “Very Positive” on the gaming platform.


The Impact of the 2011 Tsunami and How Japan Is Recovering

Tsunami Recovery Japan pic
Tsunami Recovery Japan
Image: directrelief.org

An entrepreneur, Fabian Samuel divides his time between leading the League of Extraordinary Gamers as its cofounder and overseeing Indfrag Limited as chief operating officer. Having established a successful career in India, Fabian Samuel also donates to the Japanese tsunami recovery effort.

In 2011, Japan experienced a devastating tsunami on its northeastern coast. The natural disaster destroyed towns and cities, damaging approximately 400,000 buildings. Among infrastructures impacted was a Fukushima nuclear power plant. The force of the waves resulted in its partial meltdown, which made it impossible for hundreds of thousands of residents to stay in their homes safely. Families fled the region in search of temporary domiciles. In total, the natural disaster took the lives of nearly 20,000 people.

As of March of 2016, Japan’s recovery efforts have made significant strides. While there is much left to do to restore the region to its pre-tsunami state, the country has disposed of 53 million tons of debris as well as constructed roads along the coastal line, where bridges have been rebuilt. Many families remain displaced and will likely live in prefabricated structures until 2018. However, nearly half of evacuees have secured permanent housing.

Exploring the Advantages of First-Person Shooter PC Games

League of Extraordinary Gamers pic
League of Extraordinary Gamers
Image: lxgindia.com

Holding a Master of Science in informational studies, Fabian Samuel currently functions as CEO of Indfrag Limited, and co-founder of League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG). Based in Bangalore, Indiana, LXG became the premiere console and computer gaming center in India through Fabian Samuel’s guidance. An avid gamer himself, he enjoys first-person shooter games for PC.

Many PC games are categorized by the player’s perspective during active gaming. First-person shooter, or FPS, refers to a gaming style where the game is played through the main character’s eyes, giving the player a sense of immersion in the game.

FPS is a popular gaming style among many, due to the multiple benefits it provides during play. This mode of perspective allows the player the opportunity to observe more details of the gaming environment, along with a more accurate shooting experience. This is also possible as the player does not have to navigate multiple views or odd camera angles, which may block his or her view. Additionally, some individuals believe that playing FPS games may help to bolster mental agility by promoting faster reaction times. This may have a positive effect on everyday tasks such as driving.

It is important to note that FPS games come with drawbacks as well. One of the most significant downsides is that players who are prone to motion sickness may suffer bouts of nausea during active gaming, as quick changes in view may trigger sickness.

Women’s Fellowship Organizes Special Events for World Environment Day

As a director at Indfrag Ltd, a company that produces nutritional supplements in India, Fabian Samuel helped patent a weight loss product based on the Garcinia cambogia plant. A man of strong religious faith, Fabian Samuel is a proud member of the Church of South India (CSI).

Inaugurated in 1947, the Church of South India unites several Christian churches in the community, including Anglican, Methodist, and Presbyterian traditions. In June of 2016, members of the Women’s Fellowship of the South Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India set up a special program of events as a part of the three day World Environment Day Celebrations held by the CSI.

In addition to special Sunday liturgies on ecological topics, the Women’s Fellowship organized planting jackfruit, mango, and rambutan trees at 700 church locations. The Fellowship also held educational conferences where people could learn about organic cultivation, water management, and other topics. Over 800 participants attended the conferences.

The goal of the women’s program’s was to encourage the women of the CSI and India at large to participate in moving towards a lifestyle more sustainable for the environment of India.

The Indian Missionary Society’s Medical Mission Supports Tribal Groups

Indian Missionary Society pic
Indian Missionary Society
Image: imst.co.in

Fabian Samuel has overseen operations at Indfrag Limited as chief operating officer for more than a decade. In this role, he is responsible for marketing, sales, and purchasing materials for the bulk dietary ingredients manufacturing and exporting business. Dedicated to helping others, Fabian Samuel also personally donates to several organizations, including the Indian Missionary Society.

Since 1903, the Indian Missionary Society has focused on fostering a missionary spirit and supporting individuals who are less fortunate and in need. To this end, the organization maintains several ministries and social care programs. One of these programs is a medical mission. Through the medical mission program, the organization provides medical and para medical staff to areas in India that are in need of quality medical care. It also administers preventative medicine when possible.

The Indian Missionary Society’s medical mission program targets communities living in jungles, forests, and other areas far from larger cities. These communities often have very little money, and the people are afraid to seek out proper medical treatment. Local “quack” and “pujaris” doctors take advantage of people in these communities by charging them for crude medical treatments. To combat this problem, the Indian Missionary Society opened medical centers in 12 of the areas that it works in and regularly conducts medical camps in areas without centers.

Top Attractions in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay pic
Gardens by the Bay
Image: gardensbythebay.com

As the chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited in Bangalore, Fabian Samuel manages operations for the bulk dietary ingredient manufacturer and exporter. In this position since 2004, he has won numerous awards for his quality work. In his free time, Fabian Samuel enjoys traveling and has visited such places as Belgium, Japan, and Singapore.

Filled with impressive sites and interesting attractions, Singapore is a bustling city that welcomes a wide variety of visitors. The city’s most popular attractions include Clarke Quay, Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bay, and Raffles Hotel.

Clarke Quay: A riverside development, Clarke Quay houses boutique shops, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that attract a regular stream of tourists and local party-goers. The development has a futuristic appearance that highlights the great views of the city’s main river.

Singapore Flyer: The largest observation wheel in the world, the Singapore Flyer takes visitors on 30-minute flights. From the wheel, visitors can see from the Singapore skyline to Indonesia’s Spice Islands and Malaysia’s Straits of Johor.

Gardens by the Bay: Great for getting away from the city crowds, the Gardens by the Bay consist of Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest Dome, and Bay East Garden. They feature a wide range of plant life along with an indoor waterfall and futuristic structures.

Raffles Hotel: One of the city’s most important landmarks, the Raffles Hotel has housed such prominent names as Michael Jackson and Queen Elizabeth II. It is home to more than 18 restaurants and bars, 40 stores, and 103 suites and has a history that dates back to 1887.

Primary School and Junior League Ice Hockey Teams Use Hockey Equipment

Ice Hockey pic
Ice Hockey
Image: proicehockey.about.com

Fabian Samuel is the chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited. Outside of work, Fabian Samuel donates to primary school and junior league ice hockey teams. His support helps the leagues in a variety of ways as they learn how to play the game and use hockey gear to their advantage.

When playing hockey, a very physical sport, the head and neck are important areas to protect. The helmet and mask are designed to protect your head and face from other players and flying pucks and sticks. The mouth guard stops potential mouth damage, and the neck guard safeguards your throat and neck area.

Wearing shoulder pads can help stop injuries to your chest and shoulders. Elbow pads are also important, as the hard ice can fracture or break these joints. Gloves keep your hands warm and guard fingers and wrists from injuries.

Hockey pants are used to protect upper legs, bottoms, and even kidneys. Using a jock or jill also serves to guard the groin area from hard objects. Shin pads protect the shins and knees from painful falls.

Perhaps the two most obvious pieces of hockey equipment are skates and sticks. Your skates need to be sharp to help you move quickly over the ice, and they need to give good you ankle stability. The stick is used to pass, stickhandle, and shoot the three-inch puck across the ice.