Indian Missionary Society Provides Social Care Services

Social Care Services pic
Social Care Services

An accomplished entrepreneur, Fabian Samuel co-founded the League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG), a PC and console gaming center in Bangalore, India. Alongside his professional activities, Fabian Samuel dedicates his time and resources to organizations such as the Indian Missionary Society.

In addition to overseeing ministries focused on Bible translation and study, gospel proclamation, and church building, the Indian Missionary Society (IMS) conducts several social care programs and activities. Currently, the organization provides Christ-centered education to children in need through its education ministry. Children who have benefitted from IMS’ education services have gone on to attain employment as gospel workers and government employees.

IMS also oversees medical centers and hostels to provide health care as well as food, clothing, and shelter for children and other members of tribal groups. Currently, the organization maintains eight medical centers and 29 hostels. IMS’ hostels have assisted more than 2,200 children in need of basic necessities.

Beyond its education, medical, and child care ministries, IMS provides vocational training to help impoverished women and purposeless youth learn sewing and computer skills. The organization offers its vocational training services through 22 sewing centers and four computer centers.


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