The Most Influential FPS Games of All Time

Wolfenstein 3D pic
Wolfenstein 3D

Fabian Samuel serves as chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited, a manufacturer and exporter of bulk dietary ingredients based in Bangalore, India. A longtime first-person shooter (FPS) game enthusiast, Fabian Samuel is also a co-founder and initial investor in League of Extraordinary Gamers, a PC and console gaming center in Bangalore.

One of the most popular video game genres on the market, FPS games enjoy a rich history over the past several decades. Here are three of the most influential FPS games of all time:

Wolfenstein 3D: Introduced by Id Software in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D was the first shooter game to use the first-person perspective instead of third-person. Although the game was not without its flaws, it contained many of the elements of the genre that are still used today.

Doom: Wolfenstein 3D may have created the FPS genre, but Doom was instrumental in popularizing the FPS style. Doom expanded on elements pioneered by Wolfenstein 3D, offering revolutionary graphics and thoughtfully designed levels.

Half Life: Hailed as the first true FPS of the modern era, Valve’s Half Life created an immersive experience with an engaging storyline. Half Life also allowed for the development of mods, which led to wildly successful titles such as Portal and Counter Strike.


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