Real-Time Strategy Games Help Improve Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive Abilities pic
Cognitive Abilities

An entrepreneur based in Bangalore, India, Fabian Samuel is co-founder and initial investor at League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG). In addition to his work with the console and PC gaming center, Fabian Samuel plays real-time strategy games in his leisure time.

Unlike many other video game genres, RTS games require a number of skills that transfer directly to real world situations. RTS games require complex critical thinking, often in response to dynamic actions taken by an opponent. This applies particularly well to economics and finance, where successful individuals marshal and invest their resources where they will realize the best returns. RTS games also place time pressure on the player, which can speed up decision-making at key moments.

Another useful skill cultivated in RTS games is self-analysis, or the ability to analyze one’s mistakes and correct them in future situations. Not unlike new educational or professional undertakings, RTS games are very challenging. To succeed in either sphere, individuals must learn to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and change their plan accordingly.


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