Indian Missionary Society’s Social Care

Indian Missionary Society pic
Indian Missionary Society

Fabian Samuel is the cofounder of the League of Extraordinary Gamers and COO of India’s Indfrag Limited, where he is responsible for the manufacturing and exporting of bulk dietary ingredients. Fabian Samuel has contributed to numerous charitable causes, both local and foreign, including the Indian Missionary Society (IMS).

In addition to the gospel ministry and Bible-based education, the IMS provides social care. Children who have received Christ-centered education from IMS have gone on to become gospel workers and government servants.

The IMS has built 29 hostels and donated food, clothing, and shelter to children who do not have access to such care. More than 2,000 children have received hostel ministry from IMS. Moreover, the society has built eight medical centers to support tribal groups.

Finally, IMS offers sewing and computer training to new Christians and wandering youth in an effort to give them purpose. Four computer centers and 22 sewing centers have been established by the IMS.


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