Brexit Vote Causing Airlines to Cut Back on United Kingdom Flights

United Kingdom Flights pic
United Kingdom Flights

Fabian Samuel is currently the COO of Indfrag Limited, where he handles the manufacture and export of bulk ingredients used in the cosmetics, food, and nutrition industries. As a frequent traveler, Fabian Samuel has visited places both in the United Kingdom and the European Union. After the United Kingdom’s recent vote to leave the EU, many airlines are cutting back flights to the UK.

Delta and United, two of the largest United States-based airlines, have already started cutting back the number of flights they offer to the UK. Delta has plans to cut UK flights by six percent for the winter. United is also confirming plans to cut flights incrementally, suspending future flights from Washington, DC, to Manchester, and cutting back on flights from Newark, New Jersey, to Birmingham, and Washington, DC, to London.

Ryanair, popular for their low-cost flights within Europe, also have plans to focus more on the EU and less on the UK. While they do not plan on totally cutting out any routes, they do plan on offering fewer UK flights. Wizz Air, another low-cost European carrier, had plans to offer more flights to Britain. After the Brexit vote, they decided to revise their plan, stationing only two new jets in the United Kingdom instead of the four they originally planned.

While you will still be able to find a flight into the United Kingdom, you’ll soon have fewer choices, at least for the immediate future while airlines wait to see the full economic impact of Brexit.


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