Women’s Fellowship Organizes Special Events for World Environment Day

As a director at Indfrag Ltd, a company that produces nutritional supplements in India, Fabian Samuel helped patent a weight loss product based on the Garcinia cambogia plant. A man of strong religious faith, Fabian Samuel is a proud member of the Church of South India (CSI).

Inaugurated in 1947, the Church of South India unites several Christian churches in the community, including Anglican, Methodist, and Presbyterian traditions. In June of 2016, members of the Women’s Fellowship of the South Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India set up a special program of events as a part of the three day World Environment Day Celebrations held by the CSI.

In addition to special Sunday liturgies on ecological topics, the Women’s Fellowship organized planting jackfruit, mango, and rambutan trees at 700 church locations. The Fellowship also held educational conferences where people could learn about organic cultivation, water management, and other topics. Over 800 participants attended the conferences.

The goal of the women’s program’s was to encourage the women of the CSI and India at large to participate in moving towards a lifestyle more sustainable for the environment of India.


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