The Indian Missionary Society’s Medical Mission Supports Tribal Groups

Indian Missionary Society pic
Indian Missionary Society

Fabian Samuel has overseen operations at Indfrag Limited as chief operating officer for more than a decade. In this role, he is responsible for marketing, sales, and purchasing materials for the bulk dietary ingredients manufacturing and exporting business. Dedicated to helping others, Fabian Samuel also personally donates to several organizations, including the Indian Missionary Society.

Since 1903, the Indian Missionary Society has focused on fostering a missionary spirit and supporting individuals who are less fortunate and in need. To this end, the organization maintains several ministries and social care programs. One of these programs is a medical mission. Through the medical mission program, the organization provides medical and para medical staff to areas in India that are in need of quality medical care. It also administers preventative medicine when possible.

The Indian Missionary Society’s medical mission program targets communities living in jungles, forests, and other areas far from larger cities. These communities often have very little money, and the people are afraid to seek out proper medical treatment. Local “quack” and “pujaris” doctors take advantage of people in these communities by charging them for crude medical treatments. To combat this problem, the Indian Missionary Society opened medical centers in 12 of the areas that it works in and regularly conducts medical camps in areas without centers.


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