Primary School and Junior League Ice Hockey Teams Use Hockey Equipment

Ice Hockey pic
Ice Hockey

Fabian Samuel is the chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited. Outside of work, Fabian Samuel donates to primary school and junior league ice hockey teams. His support helps the leagues in a variety of ways as they learn how to play the game and use hockey gear to their advantage.

When playing hockey, a very physical sport, the head and neck are important areas to protect. The helmet and mask are designed to protect your head and face from other players and flying pucks and sticks. The mouth guard stops potential mouth damage, and the neck guard safeguards your throat and neck area.

Wearing shoulder pads can help stop injuries to your chest and shoulders. Elbow pads are also important, as the hard ice can fracture or break these joints. Gloves keep your hands warm and guard fingers and wrists from injuries.

Hockey pants are used to protect upper legs, bottoms, and even kidneys. Using a jock or jill also serves to guard the groin area from hard objects. Shin pads protect the shins and knees from painful falls.

Perhaps the two most obvious pieces of hockey equipment are skates and sticks. Your skates need to be sharp to help you move quickly over the ice, and they need to give good you ankle stability. The stick is used to pass, stickhandle, and shoot the three-inch puck across the ice.


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