About the Indian Missionary Society

Indian Missionary Society pic
Indian Missionary Society
Image: imst.co.in

League of Extraordinary Gamers co-founder Fabian Samuel serves as the chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited in Bangalore, India. Also a philanthropist, Fabian Samuel often gives to charities such as the Indian Missionary Society.

The Indian Missionary Society was established in 1903, and has been reaching out to Indian churches ever since. It was founded with the goal of spreading the word of God throughout India.

The Society was initially led by Bishop Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah, whose first mission trip took him to Dornakal in Andra Pradesh. This undeveloped region was completely unfamiliar with Christianity. Some of its inhabitants were receptive to the new message, and subsequent welfare projects helped convince other locals to adopt the new religion.

Today, the Society continues to provide medical and social services to underserved communities in rural India. It also works to build churches, create missionary training centers, and translate the Bible into several local languages.


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