National Convention for Model Railroad Enthusiasts pic
National Model Railroad Association

Fabian Samuel is both the co-founder of the League of Extraordinary Gamers, an India-based console and PC gaming center, and the chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited, a botanical extract manufacturer also located in India. One hobby Fabian Samuel pursues when he is away from work is model railroads.

The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) hosts a national convention each year for enthusiasts, which allows model railroaders to meet with like-minded members in a common forum.

Conventions offer more than 100 activities, covering all aspects of model railroading. Clinics scheduled during a weeklong convention include instruction on hobby techniques, and symposia provide information regarding the prototype railroads. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to meet with hobby manufacturers and industry publication representatives, and they can attend meetings to discuss the future of model railroading.

During a typical convention week, more than 30 local model railroad visits are scheduled for interested participants, along with visits to local railroads and hobby manufacturing sites. The annual NMRA national convention is also home to the largest train show in the country. The 2016 convention will take place from July 3-10 at the Westin in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.


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