What Do Real Time Strategy Games Offer?

Real-time strategy (RTS)
Real-time strategy (RTS)


In addition to his position as chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited, an India-based company that produces botanical extracts, Fabian Samuel co-founded the League of Extraordinary Gamers in 2013 and has been instrumental in developing it into India’s premier console and PC gaming center. An enthusiastic gamer himself, Fabian Samuel enjoys games that incorporate real-time strategy (RTS).

Traditionally, PC games used turn-based strategy, which allowed the player time to evaluate a situation before making a move. Real-time strategy games offer a blend of action and approach, quick thinking, and decision-making. Typical actions required in this type of game are resource gathering, base building, construction, research, and combat, all occurring in real time.

Though RTS games were originally played from a bird’s-eye view, or aerial perspective, many new RTS games utilize advanced 3D graphics. This newer technology allows players to navigate the game map and control the various units and buildings from a perspective of their choosing. Players are able to rotate, zoom, and change the camera’s view, customizing the game as they see fit.


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