The Disaster Recovery Effort in Japan

Disaster Recovery pic
Disaster Recovery

After obtaining a bachelor of science in engineering at the PSG College of Technology, Fabian Samuel went on to found the League of Extraordinary Gamers. Besides his professional endeavors, Fabian Samuel is also dedicated to donating to charitable causes. One charity he supported was the Japanese tsunami recovery effort.

Although it is has been almost five years since the tsunami occurred in Japan, by the fourth anniversary of the disaster in March 2015, recovery in the region was behind schedule. About 250,000 Japanese people were still displaced, and many areas were uninhabitable because of radiation caused by the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant meltdown. In fact, some towns may not be inhabitable for three to five more years.

Three years after the disaster, it was estimated that Americans donated approximately $730 million to assist Japan in its recovery. Even though Japan is a wealthy nation, the contributions no doubt helped to ease the load of the estimated $250 billion needed to rebuild.


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