What Is a Real-Time Strategy Game?

Real-Time Strategy Game pic
Real-Time Strategy Game
Image: gamespot.com

A manufacturing and exporting executive, Fabian Samuel maintains an interest in gaming and cofounded the League of Extraordinary Gamers in 2013. Favored by Fabian Samuel as well as countless players around the globe is the real-time strategy (RTS) genre.

RTS video games place the player in the role of a commander of a large force, often military in nature. Settings for an RTS game vary significantly, ranging from high fantasy, in the vein of Lord of the Rings or Warcraft, to intricate, detailed historical reenactments.

In most cases, the goal of the game is to forcefully remove other groups from the theater of operations. Some RTS games add alternative conditions for victory, such as the defeat of the enemy commander’s personal unit or the destruction of the enemy’s central base. These games focus on skills like resource management and long-term planning rather than twitch reflexes and the ability to execute specific button combinations.


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