The Bible Translation Work of the Indian Missionary Society

Indian Missionary Society pic
Indian Missionary Society

Fabian Samuel, who has lived in both the United States and India, has a long history of community involvement and charitable donations. In particular, Fabian Samuel contributes to the Indian Missionary Society.

Founded in 1903, the Indian Missionary Society works to spread the Christian faith throughout India in many ways. For instance, it establishes and runs churches and spiritual centers as well as medical centers, technical schools, and other types of facilities for the people of India.

The society has a program that translates the Bible into the native languages of India. Because India is a country of over 400 active languages, not all of its people have traditionally had the opportunity to read the Bible in the language that they are most familiar with.

Notably, the society has translated the New Testament into both the Banjara and Thesia languages. When the society translates the Bible into a language that has no written alphabet of its own, they use the alphabet of the dominant language in the region.


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