The Indian Missionary Society Provides High-Quality Education

Fabian Samuel, chief operating officer of dietary ingredient manufacturer Indfrag Limited and co-founder of the League of Extraordinary Gamers, is dedicated to helping others. Over the years, Fabian Samuel has made donations to local schools and sports teams along with several other organizations, including the Indian Missionary Society.

Founded in 1903, the Indian Missionary Society works to reach out and spread the word of God to people around the world who have not yet been exposed to it. To this end, the Society maintains several ministries and social care programs, including an education program. The Indian Missionary Society provides free, quality education to children who are underprivileged. Its curriculum is focused on bringing about healthy living while also ridding students of the superstitions that many individuals have.

Currently, the Indian Missionary Society has 95 qualified instructors s who teach 2,500 students. The organization maintains one high school and five matriculation schools in five centers: Malkangiri and Balimela in Orissa State, Sukma and Dornapal in Chhattisgarh State, and Daru in Jharkhand State. Additionally, there is one aided primary school in Anakara in Kerala State along with an SSA school in Punjab. Graduates of the Indian Missionary Society’s schools have become officials in various governments, and missionaries with the Society.


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