When to Visit France

An experienced sales professional and entrepreneur, Fabian Samuel oversees operations as COO of Indfrag Limited and is cofounder of the League of Extraordinary Gamers in Bangalore, India. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Fabian Samuel enjoys traveling to countries across the globe, including France.

A popular destination for romantics and food-lovers alike, France has much to offer throughout the year. When looking to visit France, it is important to gauge the different cultural events that may affect your stay. Most French citizens take their summer holidays between mid-July and late August, which means that you may find empty shops and restaurants throughout popular tourist sites during this time. Many French cities also host large festivals, including La Folle Journee in February, the Cannes Film Festival in May, and Avignon Festival in July. You can plan your vacation around these events should you wish to take part in them.

In general, hotel rates will be the cheapest in spring and fall. The climate during these seasons is moderate, particularly in Paris, which reaches lows of about 50 degrees. Other regions such as Brittany and the Loire Valley experience heavy rainfall, so it is important to plan accordingly if you wish to visit those sites.


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