The Best Seasons to Visit Japan

Fabian Samuel serves as the chief operating officer of bulk dietary ingredient manufacturer and exporter Indfrag Limited. In his free time, Fabian Samuel is an avid world traveler and, among a wide range of countries, has visited Japan.

A popular destination year-round, Japan has something different to offer visitors during every season. Spring is one of the more popular times to visit because the cherry blossoms start blooming, and there are a number of festivals being held. The spring season lasts roughly from March to May, and temperatures range from 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, near the end of April and into May, during Golden Week, prices tend to be very expensive because locals enjoy going on vacations during holidays.

Winter is a good time to visit for travelers who enjoy skiing and visiting hot-spring resorts. Most of Japan is covered in snow during the winter, but some cities only experience a bit of the cold and some rain. Japan’s official rainy season, though, is the summer between June and July. Although it does not rain every day during these months, the weather is hot and very humid in nearly every city, with the exception of some mountain towns.

Autumn is another popular season for visiting Japan because the days stay cool, yet are slightly warmer than in spring. Many of the trees in Japan change color for the season, and there are several maple-viewing spots. Throughout the year, a number of festivals take place, and prices always increase during national holidays.


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