Fabian Samuel: Educated and Experienced Business Professional

With over a decade of experience at the top of an industry-leading botanical extract manufacturer, Fabian Samuel has become accustomed to professional success. With an abundance of resources, high-quality employees and trend-setting botanical products at his disposal, Fabian Samuel promises to ony improve on his already impressive professional credentials, and to lead Indfrag into an unshakable industry leading position for decades into the future.

Fabian Samuel built much of his professional success on a foundation of high-quality educational opportunities. Now the owner of a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree in Computer Science and a Master’s of Science degree in Information Systems, Samuel can proudly claim to be learned and accomplished academic, someone with an advanced knowledge set who has the tools he needs to pursue any professional avenue he chooses. Fabian Samuel has been the Indfrag Limited Executive Director for well over 10 years, and has been celebrated for his skilled leadership with five Employee of the Year Awards very early on in his career. He has also made valuable contributions to the Export House Certificate and the Vendor of the Year Awards, and was critical to the company’s Vendor Excellence Report in 2010.

Fabian Samuel’s experience in the botanical extracts industry has resulted in the development of a powerful and successful new weight-loss formula, as well as the patenting of the Garcinia Cambogia botanical extract, a highly effective weight loss supplement. His company has recently passed manufacturing audit requirements as well as Social Audit requirements, enormous accomplishments for both him and the botanical extracts leader.


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