Business Leadership with Fabian Samuel

For any business to reach and maintain a high level of success, it’s necessary to have a strong leadership team; a group of people who understand how to capitalize on their employees best qualities in order to effectively meet company goals. Fabian Samuel, a leader at Indfrag Limited, knows all too well how to lead a company team to success, and has proven to have the exemplary communications and leadership skills to push through boundaries and elevate his company to the next level.

As a longtime leader of a major botanical extracts company, Fabian Samuel has established himself as a respected and revered member of the business community. Professionals, colleagues and industry competitors alike recognize Fabian Samuel for his ability to consistently provide visionary leadership to a management team and to put into place procedures and structure that provides every employee the opportunity and motivation to excel. While many professionals in leadership positions are satisfied to hold down the fort and serve as steward until their successor arrives, Fabian Samuel takes a proactive and innovative approach to company leadership, actively participating in research and brainstorming in order to develop new ways to improve company efficiency, increase revenue streams and create a better product. This hands-on approach has helped to elevate his company; Indfrag Limited, to the top of the botanical extracts industry, and continues to serve as a strong platform for future company successes.

Fabian Samuel seeks to lead by example, and as Director of Indfrag Limited, has done nothing but set the bar high for current and future leaders in the business community. His drive, determination and motivation to see his company succeed has been critical to its current success.


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