Indfrag Limited and Fabian Samuel, A Winning Combination

Fabian Samuel is proud to be a member of the family business, particularly one that leads the botanical extract industry. As the Executive Director of Indfrag Limited, company that supplies the dietary supplement industry with high-quality botanical extracts, Fabian Samuel continues to exhibit unparalleled leadership ability, and promises to maintain his company’s successful botanical extract operations well into the future.

Fabian Samuel has been a leader of Indfrag for over 10 years, and during that time has seen an amazing amount of growth and potential for the industry-leading botanical extracts supplier. He has had the opportunity to oversee consistent levels of growth and success during his tenure on the Indfrag Board, and hopes to maintain the same level of quality and consistency the company has built its long-standing reputation on. Fabian Samuel understands how competitive the botanical extracts industry is, and hopes to keep his company a viable competitor for many years into the future.

Fabian Samuel has been named Indfrag Employee of the Year on five separate occasions; a reward for his consistent demonstration of loyalty and unparalleled company service. Fabian Samuel works with only the most-qualified and dedicated extract professionals to produce his amazing line of extract products. Indfrag products are essential to the success of Pharmacuetical, Cosmetic and Weight Loss industries. Fabian Samuel hopes that Indfrag will be relied upon for high-quality extracts for decades to come, and he strives to maintain the company’s strong reputation for quality and customer service. Industry leadership is something that Samuel takes seriously.


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