Fabian Samuel: Leading the Indfrag team

Fabian Samuel has spent over a decade as a leading professional at Indfrag Limited, which leads the botanical extract industry and supplies the Sport Nutrition, Dietary Supplement, Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries with high-quality botanical extracts. As a company Director, Fabian Samuel leads a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals; people who strive to meet industry demands of innovation and production.

Fabian Samuel received the Director position because of his commitment to innovation. He has consistently shown to be an outside-the-box type of thinker, someone who always looking for ways to create a better product and to increase company efficiency. Indfrag, which has been a leading supplier of botanical extracts for many years, capitalizes on an extensive global to source its quality botanical feed stock, and uses only ISO-9001 certified water and solvent extraction facilities to produce its industry leading extracts. Fabian Samuel is pleased to be a leader within such a successful and innovative company, and hopes to continue providing Indfrag with high-quality service for many years to come.

Fabian Samuel was important to the patenting of a novel Indfrag weight loss formula, one that has proven quite successful over the past several years. He was also involved in the development and patenting a new form of Garcinia Cambogia, which has served as an effective weight-loss supplement to industries throughout the world. Fabian Samuel continues to contribute ideas and innovation to the Indfrag brain trust, which continues its leadership of the botanical extracts industry. Fabian Samuel is unwavering about his commitment to company success.


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