Fabian Samuel Wants to End Cancer

Fabian Samuel has been recognized for his charitable efforts, particularly when it comes to the end of cancer. Currently living in India, Fabian Samuel is dedicated to ending this terrible disease, and shows his support through regular financial donations to the Cancer Caring Society.

The Cancer Caring Society is a charitable organization that is devoted to improving the lives of both cancer patients and their families. Fabian Samuel began donating to the Cancer Caring Society shortly after moving to India. He is passionate about providing support to people suffering from this terrible ailment, and believes his donations, however small, can help the Society and other organizations give hope and unwavering support to cancer victims for many years to come.

Fabian Samuel knows that cancer is not a discriminating disease. Many across both India and the world are subject to cancer’s life-altering effects. Fabian Samuel knows the importance of financial contributions and understands how crucial outside support can be to the continued function of charitable organizations. His generosity is based out of hope; hope that someday the scourge of cancer will be eliminated from the world. The Cancer Caring Society provides incredible support to cancer victims, and Fabian Samuel is honored to be a part of that effort.

Fabian Samuel also provides support to the Indian Missionary Society. As a Christian, Fabian Samuel believes in his duty to help those in need. The Indian Missionary Society works diligently to provide local and national poverty relief, as well as to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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