The Charitable Accomplishments of Fabian Samuel

Rarely do people contemplate how their money is being used after donations. People put a lot of trust into the name of an organization or the mission of the charity. Increasingly, people have come to question just how honest charities are. Fabian Samuel makes charitable donations regularly but chooses to trust those he has had previous experience with.

The charitable organizations donated to by Fabian Samuel are well established. There are three charities and organizations he donates to regularly and one that he donated to in the recent past. For the most part, Fabian Samuel focuses on faith-based organizations because he believes they are more honest in their endeavors and handle money with integrity.

Fabian Samuel is a consistent donator to two faith-based organizations. He donates to the Spanish Church and more frequently to the Indian Missionary Society. Fabian Samuel trusts the Indian Missionary Society completely. In addition to supporting it financially, Fabian Samuel has occasionally taken a more active role by assisting the Indian Missionary Society with a number of activities.

Fabian Samuel is very knowledgeable about work and programs supported by the organization. As a religious organization, the Indian Missionary Society has over a century of established reputation. Fabian Samuel supports the spreading of the Gospel and the social programs aimed to help underprivileged people and children. Through donations, Fabian Samuel has helped to feed and educate children, provide necessary medical care, and help adults with job and skills training. Fabian Samuel also donates regularly to the Cancer Caring Society. It is his goal to eliminate cancer and care for cancer survivors and family.

While the donations are no longer made, Fabian Samuel donated in the past to the Japanese tsunami recovery effort. He made multiple donations knowing the problem was long lasting. Fabian Samuel feels empathy for those displaced by the earthquake and tsunami and hopes the communities will rebound quickly.


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