Fabian Samuel Actively Engages in Community Activities

Community is extremely important to Fabian Samuel. He was raised to help others when possible and taught that communities are built by people caring for each other. When Fabian Samuel became an adult, he was eager to support his community in the best ways he knew how. For the most part, Fabian Samuel engages in community support through donations and occasionally personal involvement when possible.

Fabian Samuel is very active in his community church. He is an active member of the Church of South India. As an active member of the church, Fabian Samuel has helped to support and donate to religiously focused organizations. He regularly supports and donates to the Indian Missionary Society. He also assists the Indian Missionary Society and its activities as often as he possibly can. Some of the activities performed by the society include educational programs, medical programs, child care programs, and job training.

For a period of time, Fabian Samuel was a board member of the High School Alumni Association. This particular position was Fabian Samuel’s second experience as a board member. He is also a board member of Indfrag Limited; the company Fabian Samuel works for in Bangalore, India.

Fabian Samuel hopes more people will take an active interest in their community. For the most part, Fabian Samuel supports his community by regularly making donations to support positive social change and care for the underprivileged citizens who need help the most. Fabian Samuel will always be prepared to help his community whenever possible.

There are a number of ways to show community support. When Fabian Samuel takes an active role, it is done through his church and the Indian Missionary Society supported by his church. He helps out as often as he can with the activities. However, Fabian Samuel knows there are many people in need everywhere. He supports his global community by donating to recovery efforts after a natural disaster.


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