Indian Missionary Society Provides Social Care Services

Social Care Services pic
Social Care Services

An accomplished entrepreneur, Fabian Samuel co-founded the League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG), a PC and console gaming center in Bangalore, India. Alongside his professional activities, Fabian Samuel dedicates his time and resources to organizations such as the Indian Missionary Society.

In addition to overseeing ministries focused on Bible translation and study, gospel proclamation, and church building, the Indian Missionary Society (IMS) conducts several social care programs and activities. Currently, the organization provides Christ-centered education to children in need through its education ministry. Children who have benefitted from IMS’ education services have gone on to attain employment as gospel workers and government employees.

IMS also oversees medical centers and hostels to provide health care as well as food, clothing, and shelter for children and other members of tribal groups. Currently, the organization maintains eight medical centers and 29 hostels. IMS’ hostels have assisted more than 2,200 children in need of basic necessities.

Beyond its education, medical, and child care ministries, IMS provides vocational training to help impoverished women and purposeless youth learn sewing and computer skills. The organization offers its vocational training services through 22 sewing centers and four computer centers.


The Most Influential FPS Games of All Time

Wolfenstein 3D pic
Wolfenstein 3D

Fabian Samuel serves as chief operating officer of Indfrag Limited, a manufacturer and exporter of bulk dietary ingredients based in Bangalore, India. A longtime first-person shooter (FPS) game enthusiast, Fabian Samuel is also a co-founder and initial investor in League of Extraordinary Gamers, a PC and console gaming center in Bangalore.

One of the most popular video game genres on the market, FPS games enjoy a rich history over the past several decades. Here are three of the most influential FPS games of all time:

Wolfenstein 3D: Introduced by Id Software in 1992, Wolfenstein 3D was the first shooter game to use the first-person perspective instead of third-person. Although the game was not without its flaws, it contained many of the elements of the genre that are still used today.

Doom: Wolfenstein 3D may have created the FPS genre, but Doom was instrumental in popularizing the FPS style. Doom expanded on elements pioneered by Wolfenstein 3D, offering revolutionary graphics and thoughtfully designed levels.

Half Life: Hailed as the first true FPS of the modern era, Valve’s Half Life created an immersive experience with an engaging storyline. Half Life also allowed for the development of mods, which led to wildly successful titles such as Portal and Counter Strike.

Three Games Featured at LXG India

Far Cry: Primal. pic
Far Cry: Primal

Fabian Samuel is the COO of Indfrag Limited, a position he has held since 2004. In August of 2013, Fabian Samuel cofounded PC and console gaming center the League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG) in Bangalore, India. Below are three games available to play at LXG.

1. Far Cry: Primal. A first-person, action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Primal is one seven spinoff games in the Far Cry franchise. Set in the stone age, the game follows the story of Takkar, an unarmed hunter who eventually rises to become a tribe leader.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Following a team of black ops soldiers faced with a possible robotic takeover, this 2015 Call of Duty release scored 4.35 out of 5 from nearly 1,000 reviews.

3. Watch Dogs. Taking place in the open-world setting of Chicago, Watch Dogs is a third-person shooter game that was released in 2014.

Real-Time Strategy Games Help Improve Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive Abilities pic
Cognitive Abilities

An entrepreneur based in Bangalore, India, Fabian Samuel is co-founder and initial investor at League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG). In addition to his work with the console and PC gaming center, Fabian Samuel plays real-time strategy games in his leisure time.

Unlike many other video game genres, RTS games require a number of skills that transfer directly to real world situations. RTS games require complex critical thinking, often in response to dynamic actions taken by an opponent. This applies particularly well to economics and finance, where successful individuals marshal and invest their resources where they will realize the best returns. RTS games also place time pressure on the player, which can speed up decision-making at key moments.

Another useful skill cultivated in RTS games is self-analysis, or the ability to analyze one’s mistakes and correct them in future situations. Not unlike new educational or professional undertakings, RTS games are very challenging. To succeed in either sphere, individuals must learn to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and change their plan accordingly.

Indian Missionary Society’s Social Care

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Indian Missionary Society

Fabian Samuel is the cofounder of the League of Extraordinary Gamers and COO of India’s Indfrag Limited, where he is responsible for the manufacturing and exporting of bulk dietary ingredients. Fabian Samuel has contributed to numerous charitable causes, both local and foreign, including the Indian Missionary Society (IMS).

In addition to the gospel ministry and Bible-based education, the IMS provides social care. Children who have received Christ-centered education from IMS have gone on to become gospel workers and government servants.

The IMS has built 29 hostels and donated food, clothing, and shelter to children who do not have access to such care. More than 2,000 children have received hostel ministry from IMS. Moreover, the society has built eight medical centers to support tribal groups.

Finally, IMS offers sewing and computer training to new Christians and wandering youth in an effort to give them purpose. Four computer centers and 22 sewing centers have been established by the IMS.

Brexit Vote Causing Airlines to Cut Back on United Kingdom Flights

United Kingdom Flights pic
United Kingdom Flights

Fabian Samuel is currently the COO of Indfrag Limited, where he handles the manufacture and export of bulk ingredients used in the cosmetics, food, and nutrition industries. As a frequent traveler, Fabian Samuel has visited places both in the United Kingdom and the European Union. After the United Kingdom’s recent vote to leave the EU, many airlines are cutting back flights to the UK.

Delta and United, two of the largest United States-based airlines, have already started cutting back the number of flights they offer to the UK. Delta has plans to cut UK flights by six percent for the winter. United is also confirming plans to cut flights incrementally, suspending future flights from Washington, DC, to Manchester, and cutting back on flights from Newark, New Jersey, to Birmingham, and Washington, DC, to London.

Ryanair, popular for their low-cost flights within Europe, also have plans to focus more on the EU and less on the UK. While they do not plan on totally cutting out any routes, they do plan on offering fewer UK flights. Wizz Air, another low-cost European carrier, had plans to offer more flights to Britain. After the Brexit vote, they decided to revise their plan, stationing only two new jets in the United Kingdom instead of the four they originally planned.

While you will still be able to find a flight into the United Kingdom, you’ll soon have fewer choices, at least for the immediate future while airlines wait to see the full economic impact of Brexit.

Original Doom Co-Creator Releases New Level 21 Years Later

Original Doom pic
Original Doom

Not only is Fabian Samuel the COO of Indfrag Limited of Bangalore, India, he is also the co-founder of the League of Extraordinary Gamers, a premier PC and console gaming center, also in Bangalore. As an avid gamer himself, one of Fabian Samuel’s favorite genres is the first-person shooter, often called FPS games. The genre gained popularity in the ’90s with games like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. The co-designer of all three games, John Romero, has recently released his first new level for 1993’s Doom in 21 years.

Doom was released for the PC in 1993 from id Software. The story centers around a marine on Mars fighting back the demonic forces that have taken over the red planet. The game’s co-creator, John Romero, left id Software in 1996 and had not worked on Doom since. That is, until January 2016, 21 years after he last worked on the game.

The developer announced via Twitter that he had created a new level of the game, titled, “Tech Gone Bad.” Players can either play the level directly in their Web browser or by installing the level into the original game, with the latter option offering smoother performance. The Guardian praises the level, saying playing it “feels like saying hello to an old friend.” The new level hopes to reintroduce some of the challenge lacking in modern FPS games. Instead of checkpoints to save your progress every few minutes or before big battles, players have to beat this level from start to finish, as dying returns you to the very beginning.

The new level’s release coincides with another major Doom release this year, with id Software and Bethesda rebooting the series for modern consoles and PCs.